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By natashabovill, 23 May, 2012

Last year Compuscan Academy hosted free Money Management Workshops for over 100 individuals in communities across South Africa. This year, however, we are asking you to help us reach even more communities in need by nominating a community that you believe will benefit from the financial insight provided during these workshops.


In the words of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." At Compuscan Academy we share this vision and believe that through education we can equip communities with the skills to make informed decisions and improve their current living conditions.


It is with this belief in mind that Compuscan Academy launched its Money Management Workshops last year and with which we again this year hope to equip individuals with vital money management and credit knowledge.

The workshops are based on a uniquely designed training programme intended to increase the overall credit and financial literacy of individuals to help them steer clear of the pitfalls of debt. Workshop goers are exposed to budgeting and credit advice which will assist them to maintain sustained financial independence and credit health. In addition, individuals learn vital savings techniques which will assist in directing them towards a secure financial future.


At all workshops attendees are given the opportunity to receive a free copy of their credit report, provided they bring their ID documents along. On their credit report attendees can see their current creditworthiness status and are provided with critical information on how to improve their credit status to gain access to credit in times of need. Furthermore, the report makes individuals aware of their credit history and how paying their accounts on time can be used to their advantage.

In South Africa, where there is an unemployment rate of over 23% and where over 8.93 million consumers have an impaired credit record (Credit Bureau Monitor, National Credit Regulator December 2011), Compuscan Academy believes that financial literacy is the first step to changing the future of our country and with it doing our bit to bring vision to the words of Nelson Mandela and change the world.


To nominate a community please contact Compuscan Academy on  info@compuscanacademy.co.za  or call 021 888 6000. You can also visit our website www.compuscanacademy.co.za


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