By dessquire, 10 June, 2017

The 17th commission on Employment Equity Report was released last week and shows very little progress towards the achievement of change. Why is this and why are companies not responding and doing more?

In looking over the reports for the past few years I must admit the statistics if correct (I have no reason to doubt them) paint a very gloomy picture. Having trained many committee members at many companies I know for a fact companies are on the right track. The reports are being completed and the proposed changes are set out clearly.

What is of concern is that the "what" is well set out but the "how" is sadly lacking.

Companies have EE Committees and Skills Development Committees but are they working together to achieve a common goal - are they working together with management?

Do all parties involved have a common objective and are they all on the same wavelength?

Do companies have a clearly defined employee development and skills development framework that all are aspiring towards?

The success of EE and skills development hinges on the above. The initiatives however will only succeed if all the parties involved share and understand the common goal and work together to achieve it. Now is the time for action - now is the time to put the solutions in place once and for all.

Ask yourself the following

  • Do you have an EE forum as required by the Act?
  • Have the members been trained?
  • Are all employees and managers aware of your company EE policy and plan?
  • Have you completed a skills audit recently?
  • Have you established a skills gap?
  • Do you have an employee progression plan?
  • Is the plan related and linked back to the skills gap?
  • Do you have a corporate qualifications framework linked to a SETA qualification?
  • Do you in fact have a specific and workable plan that is acceptable to all?

I will be conducting a public course in June and/or July dealing with current problems and possible workable solutions. Would you be interested in attending?

Contact me should you need more information or assistance – [email protected]



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