Effective Management Development

By sibusisomathe, 6 February, 2014

Most Management Development interventions lack a sustained post training program to ensure the progress of the participant. It is critical to ensure that there is clear indication that your managers who participated in a Management Development Program are indeed making progress in addressing gaps identified.

One effective way of ensuring this is engaging your management team in a 360 degree management survey. During this process, based on Universal Management Competencies and eighteen skills sets, each manager is assessed by direct reports, boss and peers.

After the survey, a detailed set of reports is generated providing insight into these competencies and skills sets, including a detailed development plan for the individual, and coaching and management considerations for those who supervise the manager. This is the reason why such an intervention will yield much more better results for your management than a two, three, or even five day, once off training intervention. Even if there is an evaluation of each participant at the end of the training course, there is no development plan post the training, hence the training becomes a motivational seminar in the end.

Get a good return on investment for engaging your managers in a Management Development Program.



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