By donleffler, 22 October, 2012

Daren Ganga, Sports Ambassador for Trinidad & Tobago and past captain of the West Indies Cricket Team emphasised the importance of education when addressing an international media conference in Johannesburg.


Daren Ganga addressed a group of young primary school children who presented Ganga with a signed cricket bat by the First XI of the Totiusdal Primary School in Tshwane advising the youth to " strive for excellence in all you do and remember your education should always be a priority".


CDI International facilitated the international media conference at which Daren Ganga presented a special token of appreciation for Nelson Mandela for inspiring him during the West Indies Tour of South Africa in 1999.


Said Daren ganga "on January 14th, 1999, while on my first tour with the West Indies, in South Africa, I had a life changing, personal encounter with Mr. Nelson Mandela himself. I recall being so intensely moved that this great man was even aware of my existence, and that he would take the time to intentionally reach out to me was beyond humbling. My conversation with him profoundly inspired me and will remain a most treasured memory throughout my lifetime."

"Fourteen years later" said Sports Ambassador for Trinidad & Tobago " I am privileged to  share this story and present a small token of my appreciation to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory."


Cricket hero, Daren Ganga, was hit for a six when he first toured South Africa with the West Indies Team in 1998/99 as a nineteen year-old and received a personal call from Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his birthday.


Ganga was bowled over when Nelson Mandela told him that he was a role model for young South Africans and for the youth in other countries.


This one phone call changed his life and inspired his commitment to excellence in his sport and in his personal life and in the face of numerous obstacles and challenges.


In recognition of the profound impact that this encounter with the great man himself, Madiba, had on his success, Daren Ganga was inspired to create the Daren Ganga Foundation, whose purpose is to mentor young people, motivate and inspire them to realize their full potential, and to support their development through financial

assistance, coaching and scholarship programmes.


Daren has been appointed a Sports Ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago, and in this capacity, he continues to seek opportunities for the development of the youth and for sport in his homeland.


Now, some fourteen years later, Ganga is back in South Africa as a commentator with the ESPN team, covering the Champions League T20. He fulfills a life ambition to acknowledge and pay tribute to his hero, Nelson Mandela, and to express to this international icon his gratitude for the most kind and generous gesture which remains a

most treasured memory.


Daren Ganga played his Test debut for the West Indies in Durban in December 1998 when he played alongside Brian Lara. He was caught by Pollock for 28 in the first innings and bowled by Pollock in the second innings. Jacques Kallis scored his 1 000th run on that day and Jonty Rhodes was declared Man of the Match. Co-incidently his last Test for the West Indies was also played in Durban in January 2008.


Ganga captained the Trinidad & Tobago Team for nine years from 2002 to 2011 holding the record as being the most successful captain. He is also the record holder for the most runs and centuries in domestic first class cricket for his country.





The Vision of DGF shall be "to assist the youth in realizing their full potential as well as to provide special aid to needy cases."

General Information

"Identifying children who excel in academics and/or extracurricular activities. Providing these children with exposure and opportunities to further develop through scholarship programmes, mentor-ship programmes, sporting camps and financial assistance. Identifying needy cases for special assistance and support."


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