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By moegsienharris1, 25 August, 2015

It is indeed challenging to recognise the many opportunities that are facing South Africa and its citizens in-spite of various negative sources on how the country is managed.

South Africa is in a quantum leap situation and have to look at all socio-political and economic scenarios that will create sustainable and measurable opportunities and jobs in order to ensure more equality and stability. The business sectors and civil society need to be much more active in developing and implementing the socio-economic plans for now and ensure that the political structures create the necessary enabling environment in which to operate.

We are too busy and certainly we allow the politicians to rule our lives instead of the other way round. This call also applies to the various NGO's, NPO's and other agencies that should have influence over the resources of the country and who care about the liberties, freedom and success of the nation. It is sometimes hilarious what we say and do on social media, be it economics, education, poverty alleviation and the list continues.

We really require introspection and admit that we are far from attaining real economic and people growth. South Africa is a divided country and far from attaining a clean human rights, human dignity and freedom loving record. We will remain tainted for as long as we commit ourselves to legislation that talks of race and preferential treatment for only certain sectors of our society. The scourges of apartheid have taught our current politicians well in oppressing the masses and keep the township dwellers away from the selected few capitalist that must maintain the status quo of our few rich and masses of poverty stricken communities. Shame on you, The country is being run on corrupt policies and people who do not for one moment care about the rights of our people.

I as a member of civil society feel as in-secured in the present state that we find ourselves in the country of our birth as was the case under the oppressive apartheid era. The government, and I mean all structures of government are placing the country at risk, and I mean real risks. All the economic indications and all the political indications are at severe risks. The justice system appear to be compromised.

One remains hopeful that some sanity will prevail soon and that we can breath real justice, freedom and liberation under true freedom, liberation and real democratic principles in unifying the rainbow nation.

This remain our challenge for now.



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