Economic Suicide.

By moegsienharris1, 16 June, 2014

If anyone or any business boasts the employment of talented MBA's (Masters in Business Administration) then I will be ashamed as it is precisely their knowledge and wisdom over the past thirty years (at least) that has resulted in the economies of the world, America, Europe and Britain in particular that have either shown a rapid decline or absolute bankruptcy in certain regions of the globe.

It is shameful that the focus is now on how to corrupt and destroy the African economies by deploying the very same MBA's that have in many ways the reasons for world economies to collapse. We will have to find other ways and means that will steer the African economies and more particularly South Africa's economy away from the manner in which America, Europe and Britain has dominated and have mismanaged macro economics.

It is far more preferable that our economics are people centred as opposed to the profit centred manner that has resulted in bankrupcies in many of the economies of today. Local economies and even community economies need to go back to the times of the forefathers and research on how they empowered themselves during very difficult economic times. One of the success factors of that period during the second world war and proceeding to the late 1980's was that our forefathers built and developed essential knowledge expertise and technical skills that have made them a part of a growing economy that could hardly fail. Artisans, as they were called were better equipped than the masters with the MBA's.

It is high time that we give serious consideration to the inherent talents that still exist in our communities and that we commit ourselves in building a nation on the intellectual power and knowledge of our forefathers. They had leadership par excellence, that is good reason why we are so talented, and they used their knowledge and skills by leading with trust and integrity from the heart. The best farmers in this country originate from the Koi San and other African Black members of our society. Many of their hearts lie in the soil of the country. Communities who were disenfranchised prior to 1994 have of the best engineers, doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers, technicians, electricians, plumbers, welders, fishermen, motor mechanics and just expertise in commercial and business savvy.

What is then the answer to transforming South Africa to that of a winning nation. We need much more people of vision, trust and commitment to an african nation to be leaders of "Excellence in Leadership" away from profit driven understanding of economics and towards more of strategic human capital business partnering. It is high time that we put much more trust in those people who have allegiance to an african nation, that can develop much more leadership talents, and who are able to drive our economy and our country towards much more stability for social development and a growing sustainable economy that is people centred. it is high time that business and government stop their politicking and get onto the business of leading our nation into prosperity and success. Teach your would-be MBA's on how to be leaders as opposed to how to profiteer on the sweat of the masses. We need to take the masses in the working class people more seriously when we listen attentively to their needs and their aspirations. Always remember, as leaders, that all the natural God-given resources belong to the people of the country, and therefore have a right to how it is managed and to benefit by the production of the resources.

It is hoped that government, business, labour and civil society realise that we all have a responsibility and a duty to ensure that we make a success through the talents and best practices of our people and through the goodness of our constitution.




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