By moegsienharris1, 7 February, 2016

It is a travesty of justice and in direct conflict with principles of freedom and democracy when the government enforce legislation based on race and culture on the commercial and business sectors as well as on civil society, that feed the mouths of the politicians and the nation at large.

The courts of law, political parties, and the corporate sectors, including religious organisations and academic institutions are silent on these issues in-spite of visible proof that the masses of black designated citizens and their families are poorer today after 20 years of "freedom & democracy" and those whom we regarded as the "haves" of wealth have manipulated the system to keep them as the masters over the lives of the masses of servants.

Statistics reveal that well over 5 million of our beloved people suffer under the scourge of HIV and Aids, critical and unacceptable imbalance of executives remuneration over that of the masses of the working class continue in the mining sectors, labour relations between farmers and farm workers must be of concern to the stability of the state, immoral and exploiting employment conditions and services in the retail sectors particularly the youth who are forced as casual workers, all of these and many more are creating a stressful economy and mistrust between the various religious, racial and cultural divisions of our "rainbow nation". So many of our senior politically affiliated people are representing our nation on world economic forums, financial institutions, human rights and world labour organisations consciously aware that their representations are fraud with the reality of inequality of life in South Africa. 

Government and the organisations that represent the nation can no longer claim to be any better than the days of apartheid, as reversal of oppression against minority groups and individuals add to the frustration of a negative and sliding economy, a mockery of the rule of law as can be seen by the strikes and unrest in various sectors of the economy and in the poor performance in all tiers of government. Threats of war by politically aligned youth organisations are definitely serious business to our non partisan "rainbow" nation and the development of "ubuntu" These threats and challenges our weakening the position of South Africa as the "darling" democracy to other progressive democratic communities as economic freedom is compromised by political intervention.

Racism and cultural division will continue to haunt our country in-spite of talk to legislate prosecution of those who find themselves guilty by virtue of their communications through various media. How are the authorities going to deal with these accusations made through various media (twitter, facebook, websites) etc. and expression on the very racist and discriminatory legislation that dominates our economy activities, "the mouth that tears the hand that feeds the political power" meaning every political representative irrespective of the party they represent as they must accept collective responsibilities due to their continued silence on these crucial matters.

Society will support ingenuity by spending more of the state revenue on building acceptable school and other academic infrastructure in township environments, shifting more police and justice and social services infrastructures closer to where the masses of communities live, raise the assessment and quality of school education in order to close the gap between school and university / college readiness, and promoting polytechnical vocational institutions that are aligned to the National Human Resources Development Strategy (NHRDS) and the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS). The collapse and replacement of the ineffective Sector Education Training Authorities, far too many of them around. The research and development of a functional small and medium enterprise sector with a competent agency that is free from government control although funded by corporate sectors and government. We can only market an economy based on efficient and competent people to grow a healthy business community, civil society and a labour representative body that clearly undertsand the NHRDS and the NSDS and supporting in the development of labour relations and conditions of employment legislation and policies. We need to adhere to strike action policies and procedures that are aligned to world standards and to standards set by the World Labour Organisation (WLO).

Finally, we need to acknowledge that our young adults comprise a high percentage of the voters for government elections and for them to be seen, nurtured and heard is long overdue. They definitely speak of democracy based on justice, freedom, non racism for all citizens based on a common human suffrage. There is no need to call for women equality when the National Constitution and the Bill of Rights give equal protection for all. Let us get the best, competent, and impeccable trustworthy candidates to be elected office bearers of our proud nation. 



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