Economic Driven Challenges For All Entrepreneurs & all Humanity.

By moegsienharris1, 16 August, 2015

It is realistic to assume that micro entrepreneurship can make a significant difference in creating opportunities for start-up businesses, and thereby creating essential jobs critical in the reduction of unemployment.

Mindset, however, will have to focus more on practical skills and labour intensive production and in spreading the profits more equitably with the workers. It is necessary that we spend more of our national resources in developing human skills and human capacities, build and develop economic infra-structures, and aligning the national economic development plan in order that we better create the living conditions, health facilities and equal and fair education facilities in the poverty stricken areas where it is so much needed.

South Africa are facing many challenges in being equal and fair to all sectors of our diverse population, get rid of our discriminatory practices, economically, academically and socially, build on what we have and move away from creating 2nd and 3rd class citizens by labelling the masses of our black classified people as "employment equity" (EE), "affirmative action" (AA) and "Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment" (BB-BEE). It is becoming an international embarrassment since black designated people are even further removed from economic empowerment over the past 20 years of our democracy. We can only build an "Ubuntu" when our frame of mind, our thinking capacity, our natural nature as human beings are accepted as equal and that we can work side by side in building a South African society based on the premise of belief, social justice, human dignity, The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996 including the Bill of Rights that protects all who live in this beautiful country of ours.

It is necessary that civil society be involved in bringing all tiers of government to order, by reminding the President and its Ministers, Provincial Governments and all local authorities, and more especially the legal fraternity (the various legal courts) and not forgetting the various religious groups that played a significant role in our democracy, of its responsibilities to making South Africa a truly democratic and free country for all who live in its borders, and to let us all be a show case to the rest of the free world. The question of land ownership need to be revisited as the notion of 80% of our land can never be owned by less than 10% of our population. This together with the ownership of the natural resources of our beloved country is causing immense instability and injustice. The recent labour discontent on the mines and the agricultural sectors are real reasons in believing that we need real leaders in government, legal, labour and civil society in redressing further discontent and must be bold in taking decisions that must be seen and accepted as fair and that justice must prevail.

Any intelligent person can pick up that the instability in our parliamentary activities, the abuse of the working class in labour unrest regardless of who are involved in these activities, corruption and mismanagement of public funds and resources make us a vulnerable target for outside forces that can take advantage of the security of our nation.

What we need as a matter of urgency is a strategy and process that must include all sectors of our society, young and old in committing ourselves to building a united nation, as diverse as it may appear in our racial, religious, cultural and other divides. Economics is the science of humanity and it is through the use of all of our diversity that we can find common reason and purpose in living and working in building a loving, caring, sacred society that support truth and trust as the basis of our humanity to all. We need to embrace each other in love and justice, and to free ourselves from our attitudes of divide and rule.

I together with a number of other members of our society have worked on developing a Leadership Programme focusing on creating a loving, caring and supportive society free from the ills of discriminatory and offensive practices. We are convinced that it can be used as an education tool in all sectors of our society. We can win and we can overcome our negative attitudes towards other sectors of our diverse society. YES, we are the "Rainbow Nation".



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