Documents for Downloads

Government Gazette
National School of Government (2020) – Page 37 Onwards

Covid-19 Webinar
COVID-19 Webinar Training Slides

Risk Adjusted Strategy for Lockdown
Risk Adjusted Strategy Regulations Gazetted

UIF Guide For Employers With Covid-19 Work Disruption
Easy Aid Guide For Employers from UIF

SADEC Qualifications Framework

Heher Commission into University Funding

* Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Report – Full Report

* Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Report- Executive Summary

Seta Landscape

* SETA re-establishment Government Gazette

Suzanne Hattingh

* Hattingh (2019) CHE accreditation requirements List of policies & documents


* DHET (2018) SETA Workplace Based Learning Programme Agreement Regulations

Communique No 1 of 2018 from DHET on the Registration of Private Providers

* Registration Of Private Providers

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

* DHET (2016) RPL Coordination Policy

Business Benefits of Skills Development

* Jacques de Villiers explains financial benefit of implementing skills development

Proposed New National Skills Development Strategy

* National Skills Development Plan Call for public Comment 15 Dec 2017

How is Skills Development Levy distributed?

* SDL Distribution calculation – Excel Spreadsheet

Zanele Tshabalala on SDL distribution – Word Doc

For Public Comment

DHET Draft National Artisan Development Strategy & Implementation Plan 2017

Suzanne Hattingh answers Frequently Asked Questions about the Post-School Education and Training System

* Click here to read the FAQ


* Quality Assurance of Qualifications Registered on the Occupational Qualifications Sub-framework

* QCTO Circular 1 of 2017

* QCTO Presentation to the Portfolio

OFO Codes and Tables Version 2015

OFO Codes 2015

2017 DHET Registration of Private Providers

NEW ** Application Form FPX 01 Registration as a Private College (1)

NEW ** Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006


New Upload of Old Document from DOE Regarding Registration of Private FET Providers

* 2017 – Notes on APPETD meeting Cape Town 27 March 2017

* 2017 DHET FET College Act Application Registration Private FET Institution Form

* 2017 DHET Application Registration Private FET Institution Form Excel

* 2017 DHET Guide Completing Application Private FET College

* 2017 DHET Registration Requirements as private college

* 2017 DHET Schedule of fees Registration private institution

* 2017 DHET Bank Account Number

* 2017 DHET Application Amendment private FET college registration Form

* 2017 DHET Communique 1 of 2016

* 2017 DHET QCTO Letter DG Qonde Re informing private providers

* 2017 DHET APPETD Registration information session Q and A


2015-16 Annual Reports

* 2015-16 QCTO Annual Report

* 2015-16 SAQA Annual Report


Public Protectors Report into State Capture

* State Capture Report


Registration and accreditation of Private Training Providers

* QCTO_Interim_Guidelines_Accreditation_Private_Providers.pdf

* Feedback to DHET on registration challenges for small providers

Skills Development 

Suzanne Hattingh’s Comments on Draft 2017 Workplace-Based Learning Programme Regulations (1)

Employment Equity

* 17th Report of the Employment Equity Commission

* Code of Good Practice on Preparation of an Employment Equity Plan

* EE_Amendment_Bill_2012.pdf

* Address_Minister_Labour_Launch_12th_CEE_Report.pdf

* Commission_Employment_Equity_12th_Annual_Report.pdf

* CEE_Annual_Report_2013.pdf


Department of Higher Education and Training Documents

 DHET Open Learning Policy Framework for PSET Call for Comment

 SDA Call for comments on draft workplace based regs

Occupations listed as trades requiring Artisan Qualifications

* Artisan_qualifications.pdf


* Green Paper on Post-School Education and Training

FET Colleges Amendment Bill 2012

* FET_Colleges_Amendment_Bill_2012.pdf

* Higher Education and Training Laws Amendment Bill 2012

* Higher_Education_and_Training_Laws_Amendment_Bill_2012.pdf

Higher Education and Training Information Policy

* Higher_Education_and_Training_Information_Policy_2012.pdf


Presentation Paper on NQF



HRD Strategy

* HRD-SA_2010-2030.pdf


Labour Laws

* BCEA_Amendment_Bill_2012.pdf

* BCEA_Amendment_Bill_Memorandum_of_Objects_2012.pdf

* LRA_Amendment_Bill_2012.pdf

* LRA_Amendment_Bill__Memorandum_of_objects_2012.pdf


Operational Requirements

* LRA_Code_Good_Practice_Operational_Requirements_Dismissals.doc

* LRA_s189_Dismissals_Operational_Requirements.doc

* LRA_s189A_Operational_Requirements_Dismissals_over_50_employees.doc


SETA Grant Regulation Documents

* 2016-01 SETA Grant Regulations

* 2013-07 Amendment SETA Grant Regulations

* SETA_Grant_regulations_2012_12.pdf

* Seta Grant Regulations – For Comment


* Trade_test_Centres.pdf


BUSA Documents

* BUSA DHET Labour Court Judgement

* 2016-04 BUSA notification 50% MG

* 2016-04 Merseta response BUSA communique


SABPP – South African Board of People Practices Documents

* SABPP_Rebranding_article.pdf

* SABPP_Application_Form_2012.doc




* NPO_Governance_Code.pdf

* For_comment_KingIII_applying_NPOs%20_Aug_2012.pdf



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