Do people fear creativity?

By anthonykreiner, 10 July, 2009

The answer is YES. We repress imagination/fantasy because of our fears associated with the unconscious, which is that mysterious space that we have been conditioned to avoid. We know this because PLAY and fantasy make people uncomfortable. One of the reasons is that ego-consciousness is afraid of what personal and collective unconscious content may project into the party. We fear TRUTH.

Jung views emotional dysfunction as most often a problem of psychological one-sidedness, usually initiated by an over-valuing of the conscious ego viewpoint. As a natural compensation to such a one-sided position, an equally strong counter-position automatically forms in the unconscious. The likely result is an inner condition of tension, conflict and discord. Jung used the term 'emotionally toned complex' to describe the unconscious counter position: … 'complexes can have us' (Jung 1934, par.200).

I add this post to make a point: If someone had to present you with a special KEY to unlock your creativity, but said that it would wake up transformational archetypes, you'd probably refuse it. You have your reasons.

So the question we must ask, is how can we develop creativity skills without taking the psychological implications into account? With humanity staring into the abyss it becomes critical that we try use our creative potential to survive global warming. It is no small thing that we must balance our thinking [Left & Right modes] to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. I wonder what the probability estimate for us turning things around in time? It must be very low.

Green technology, green jobs, green skills. Strange to think of them as survival skills.



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