Diversity and Change


By bronwynnewman, 17 September, 2012

I was watching the news and they did a translation on what Julius Malema was saying when he addressed the the miners.

He was saying that the GOVERNMENT was pigs and that it eats it's own people.


I was shocked at how he was allowed and still allowed to say and act in such terrorism against our government and president and also our people.

I always believed it was permuted to speak out against our government, our leaders.


It got me going back and googling something bizarre, which of course i would get a result - thanks to my internet guru GOOGLE.



1966 U.S.A. Racial Attacks
17th September 1966 : FBI Agents today arrested 13 white men in Grenada, Mississippi on charges of savage attacks on young Negro school children using sticks, fists and a club on the children earlier this week, the National Guard was also encamped in this city where racial tensions are running high on both sides.
United States
2011 United States "Occupy Wall Street" Protest Begin in New York City
17th September, 2011 : Protesters begin their "Occupation" of Wall Street in New York City, a movement for reform and acknowledgement of the social problems that have helped to cause the economic downturn in the country. The protesters state that they represent the majority of Americans and are demonstrating against the wealthiest Americans who they believe control the majority of wealth and political power in the country, among other reasons. The protests spread across the country to other cities, as well as gaining attention worldwide as protesters in other countries joined in for solidarity.
2001 U.S.A. Wall Street Re Opens
17th September 2001 : After 6 days following the 9-11 terrorist bombing in New York City, Wall Street opens for business and resumes trading, ending the longest shut down since the great depression. at the end of the day the Dow Jones had lost a record 684.81 points, its worst-ever one-day drop .
South Africa
1985 South Africa Invades Angola
17th Sept. 1985 : South African troops have invaded the neighboring country of Angola to track down rebels fighting the Apartheid regime, they are also using rubber bullets,guns and tear gas on stone throwing student protesters as the number of protests increase across the country.
We as South African's have all fought so hard for democracy - freedom of speech and to have one man namely JuJu who clearly needs some training on diversity an change and maybe as a bonus to throw in some life skills and people management training.
It would be great for him to experience the life of our people. The hard work gone into agriculture and farming, the hardhip and hardwork of the miners. He should NOT be allowed to exploit people and abuse the media to his advantage for political brownie points.


Here we making waves on better education and lower inflation.

All he is interested in, is making sure he has the power to control people and create chaos along the way.


I am surprised he has not jumped on the Woolworths BandWagon just for a joy ride.


No-one should be a puppet. So much has happend in history marking this day. We should take today and everyday as a very important one and make our own history, our own change. Stop the racial and political power. Stop the Hurt! Stop the Hate!