Dilemma in Learning & Experiential Training & Development

By moegsienharris1, 11 June, 2016

A number of variables require attention if we really want to get Sustainable Economic Growth & Development on track here in the Cape Metro region.

* We need to adopt a firm stand and commitment against racism, xenophobia and discrimination as these practices by government, labour, business sectors and civil society stifles economic growth

* The Beyond Leadership Programme is a must for all who are willing to accept that we have made little progress in finding and developing leaders that willingly accept responsibility for their decisions and actions. Leaders make use of their acquired intellect, they listen attentively and consider various ways and methods that limit the risk factors, and have contingency plans in place.

* Training and development in the understanding of Strategic Human Capital Business Partnering ensure that we inculcate a culture of empathy and compassion in dealing with people that work for us.People are human being and we all want to be treated fairly and with circumspect.

* Teach people the value of savings, investments and starting entrepreneurship and micro enterprise development. Give clarity and understanding economics bearing in mind that with the greater challenges of the business sectors becoming global players, there is a dire need to adjust our modes of thought on how we now deal with various foreign investors and businesses and our relationships with these entities.

* Government must create the enabling environment for sustainable economic growth and development of business enterprises and not be a player and referee in developing businesses.

* Entities of state must be privatised and controlled in alignment with the regional and / or national economics.

* Skills training & development of our human capital must be aligned to the regional and national Skills Development Strategy Planning, as well as to a regional and national Human Capital Strategy Planning Process.

* We have the ability and capabilities of becoming a world class nation in experting highly skilled and competent human capital to assist and to support other nation in successfully running of world economies.

This is the foundation in getting the Cape Metro MegaCity back to work for all its inhabitants. 



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