Difficult is not impossible

By bronwynnewman, 3 December, 2010

Difficult is not impossible

Difficult is not the same as impossible.

Indeed, the very fact that something is difficult confirms that it is possible.

Whatever is difficult to achieve, can be achieved.

Whatever is difficult to reach, can be reached with effort, with time, with commitment and persistence.

Difficulty does not stand in the way of achievement.

Difficulty in fact provides a path to that achievement.

In addition, difficulty gives real value to achievement.

Those goals that are the most difficult and time-consuming to reach are also the most desirable and rewarding to reach.

Giving up because the task is too difficult is like quitting a job because you're being paid too much.

When you're on to something that's difficult and demanding, you're on to something with great potential.

Be willing to embrace what is difficult.

And you'll open your life to the best of what is possible.



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