Developing Public Relations and Media Communication Skills

By dessquire, 3 November, 2011

Public Relations and Media Communication Skills

Does your business sometimes involve a need for dealing with the media, but you or your personnel lack communication skills and/or media skills?

With today’s fast-paced media coverage, you must be ready at a moment's notice for your 15 minutes (or in reality, 15 seconds) of fame. Media relations skills are the key.

Dealing with cameras and reporters can be very tricky. Reporters are used to the camera and the lights but you or your company spokespeople may not be. Your audience isn't a few hundred people anymore. Your audience could be thousands or even millions.

When dealing with the media, traditional presentation skills have to be fine-tuned. Performing in a media interview highlights every aspect of your persona, and that includes the weaker side of it.

In this communication and media skills workshop you will learn the essential skills of speaking in well planned and constructed sound bites, applying proper body language techniques, using the right facial expressions, dressing for the spotlight and other critical aspects of speaking to your audience through a camera lens.

Since camera time is mostly limited, you will also discover the specific media skills to get your agenda out early and ensure it gets discussed in a positive way.

On completion of the training you will have the tools to turn around negative questions and use them to restate your message in the best possible light. You will learn how to take and be in control of the interview.

For more information contact [email protected] - 0828009057



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