Developing Occupations

By marleneburden, 2 June, 2016

Khulisane Academy became the first registered SDP for a newly registered occupational qualification with the QCTO in 2014.  This was made possible with the Bankseta, who invested trust and money into the development and delivery of the Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officers, level 6, 240 credits. 

We have just completed the full cycle with the first group of 50 Compliance Officers from the Banks and Micro-finance sector.  Allow me to share our wonderful experience with the purpose of encouraging South Africans to support occupational development.

Support from the QCTO

Our relationship with the Compliance Institute Southern Africa - AQP was formed quite early in the project.  This AQP was also the first to be registered with the QCTO for a newly registered occupational qualification.  Together we had the opportunity to work with the QCTO on their policies and processes.  We were very lucky that this qualification was registered with SAQA just before the QCTO changed their priorities to registering trade related curriculums.  This did not prevent the QCTO in supporting us all the way.  We had a funded project sponsor to report to, with time limits and an industry who needed qualified Compliance Officers.  Learning material had to be developed and approved by the QCTO, Khulisane had to obtain SDP registration and compliance subject matter expertise had to be capacitated to function in the ETD environment as facilitators, assessors and moderators.  The workplace had to be equipped with new knowledge about their involvement as mentors and coaches during the work experience component of the program.

Work experience

13 Banks and Micro Finance Institutions took part in this project.  The monitoring of work experience was also included in the agreement.  We've trained coaches and mentors in the workplaces to ensure proper recording and collection of evidence.  One of the biggest lessons we have learned, was the fact that this component of the curriculum needed absolute commitment from the employer, learner and provider.  It is one this to say: "I have work experience."  It is another to proof evidence against each task required in the curriculum.  Rotation programs, external consultants, impact on the work environment, etc. became buzzwords during these two years.

Training deliver

The knowledge and practical components were not new to us.  If you are good with learnership rollout, you know it all. 

Internal assessment

As an SDP, you are preparing the learner for the External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA) at the AQP assessment centres.  Your role is as important because any failure of the EISA might reflect directly back to your training and internal assessment been conducted.

Your internal assessment is the gate and passing this assessment is the key to the EISA.  After that, you have no control.  The SDP issues a statement of result to the candidates which allows them to register at the AQP for the final exam.  This statement of results reflects all three components of the curriculum, namely knowledge, practical skill and work experience.  No candidate will be allowed to write the EISA without this statement of result.

The way forward

Khulisane has started with a second intake in February 2016 for Compliance Officers across various industries.  We are also in process of extending our scope with the QCTO and the Institute for Risk Management South Africa - AQP to offer the Occupational Certificate: Risk Manager, level 6, 125 credits.

Watch this space for updates on the progress of 2016/2017 projects.




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