Dealing with exam cheats

By lindaingram, 23 April, 2009

Is cheating in an exam going to be an on-going problem? I first encountered exam cheats at school. Years ago I was naive to think that this does not happen when dealing with adults but was I so wrong. Over the years I have specialised in the area of distance learning and worked for many of the colleges in South Africa and abroad. It's an on-going battle! Are there only some of us in the world that expect that you actually do need to study and gain the skills before going to write an exam? I cannot believe that we still find adults in this country (who in many instances are parents and role models) who are down right cheats, bringing notes into an exam centre or trying to bribe exam officials for exam scripts.

What effect are these cheats having on their peers, colleagues or children? Will our next generation expect that this is the norm? Am I just living in a bubble?

What are your experiences and how are you dealing with those that are caught?



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