Dave Boreham - Professional Speaker- International Consultant and Facilitator

By davidboreham, 8 April, 2009

Proudly South African Dave is an internationally recognized marketer, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and acclaimed author of the bestsellers ‘Up where you belong’ and ‘Have Be Do Anything you want’. Dave is a trusted member of the prestigious EMA International’s Global Facilitator Network™.
Dave is a people development practitioner who, consults, facilitates, leads workshops and speaks worldwide. Founding member and CEO of MCA Training International, a leading international training firm spearheading a team of exceptionally well-qualified consultants who are committed to empowering people and organizations across the globe. Dave is also a director of Profiles of Southern Africa.

All have enjoyed the warmth, sincerity and humour of his dynamic presentation style. He is well known for his various radio and TV shows. Over the past decade, Dave has delivered more than 3 000 presentations around the globe. His audiences have included heads of state and the top leadership from some of the most successful corporations on the earth. Delegates describe his presentations as refreshing, original and captivating. They say that he brings conviction not hype. That he gives motivation and not just inspiration. And that he leaves wisdom, not mere knowledge.

As a strategic facilitator, he has helped many leading organisations in their pursuit of excellence and in the achievement of High Performance… while his sensitivity and insight also make him an effective mediating facilitator with the ability to bring people together.

Dave helps to build high-performance organisations and teams, able to achieve common goals, grounded on a foundation of mutual values. Judge him by (some of) the companies he keeps: BP; BMW; Copperbelt Energy Corporation; Ecobank; Eskom; FMC Technologies; Forever Living Products; Gabriel; K.W.V.; Metropolitan Life; Netcare Group; NFO World Group; Oceona; Old Mutual; Pick n' Pay; Pernod Ricard; S.A. Breweries; Stanbic Bank; Sun International; Tyco Healthcare; Volkswagen; His Unconditional Guarantee is simply, "I deliver. Or it's on me."

Is very happily married to Charmaine and has four wonderful, incredible fantastic children. He resides in Durban, South Africa.



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