Customer Disservice

By bronwynnewman, 20 July, 2017

What is Customer Service?


I personally pride myself in good , quality customer service. I find it vitally important to all businesses.


There are certain elements that makes customer service work for both the consultant and customer at hand.

  1. Giving the correct and sound information first time.
  2. Not inconveniencing a customer.
  3. Being polite and helpful.

My experience this week has been such an eye opener to  how customer service is not handled and approached in the correct manner. I personally take this very serious and it is disheartening to have to face this kind of frustration and lies.

My first encounter would be insurance company. Our laptop blew because of a power search and we had a jumper who stole our washing.

I call the insurance company and get our laptop sorted for a claim and I then ask if we care covered for stolen washing. The consultant was very helpful and said yes I was, she then processed the information. A few days go by and i call the insurance to ask when our laptop will be collected. I get told they thought I was going to take it to someone for an inspection, i then said no, can you get one of your service providers to collect.

Failing point one: Assumptions, causes miscommunication and delays.

Second point of disservice experienced this week is calling the insurance company to followup on the Laundry claim. I was then told the claims were once again assumed to be duplicated and therefor the one was rejected. I then was requested to give all the information again and was then told , sorry you cannot claim because you need to  proof forced entry like a broken wall of gate. I then say well it was outside and forced entry is via jumping the wall, however if I was not told I could claim i would not have wasted your time as well as mine. I was fine with their rules and policies.


I then get a call this morning of apology to say the claim has been approved because you do not need forced entry for laundry stolen.

Failing Point two: Communication and verification to the customer.

Failing Point three: Not double checking information to give sound confirmation.

Third point of disservice. My daughter started a casual job and need a proof of bank account. She is only 16 and is waiting for her ID card. I then still have signatory power of her account. So i go in with my request and was told by the consultant that they need both our finger print scan.

Failing Point Four: Again not double checking and just looking at the system requesting her finger scan.


I then get my daughter up at 6am to come with me to work so e can get this process completed. We get to the bank at 8am,  go to a consultant and my finger gets scanned and I am given her proof of bank account. I then asked why did this not work yesterday when I was here? Why was I told to bring my daughter in with me to get her finger scanned as well? All i was told that it is the system.

Failing Point Five:  thinking up a dramatic response to blame the computer rather than taking responsibility for Human Error.

Failing Point Six: not apologizing for the inconvenience caused to myself and my daughter. Furthermore ignoring me completing when I was not done trying to get a decent and honest explanation.

Fouth point of disservice. I call SARS to find out what my daughter needs to get a tax number for her casual job. I am told of all the documents CRA01 form and certified ID and proof of address. I then ask if i need to be with her as she will have all the supporting documents from my side as well as hers. I am told no you dont.

My daughter goes to promenade mall SARS because she was told that the service was good and quick. She was shouted at. Disrepected and made a fool. When i called the consultant to ask what is happening she would not take my call via the cellphone. They refused to give her a case number. She was so rattled by the service that I am now having to take her.

Failing Point Six: Not giving me correct information that I needed to accompany my daughter as she is a minor

Failing Point Seven: Not treating  a young child with respect and educating her first experience regarding tax and documents.

Failing Point Eight: Raising your voice to a child that does not understand the process or where the problem is when she is asking for understanding. Accusing a young child for treating SARS like home affairs.

Failing Point Nine:  Not taking a call from a concerned parent to explain the situation calmly and respectfully.


Customer Service this week has been a challenge of note for me being the customer.










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