By moegsienharris1, 19 March, 2013

The continuous labour strikes, the inability of business to change its attitude towards people and the inability of the labour movement to represent the workers independantly from its alliance with the ruling party, all of these players are reducing our democracy and our economy to naught!

The one most important factor to getting better returns on investments, satisfying the basic need of our society, and returning the workers and management to working in harmony is none other than greater effort in improving our PRODUCTIVITY. We can point a finger in all directions including better training, better employment equity, political bashing at each other....... nothing than finding lasting solutions to productivity.

Our leadership in business require a complete overhaul in how they deal with workers. One of the critical issues that needs attention is how to get leadersand managers to buy into "Strategic Human Capital Business Partnering". We can really get down to the discussion and negotiating table when there exist trust between all the parties. To seek a government solution is not the answer to getting productivity at a peak. Strategic Human Capital Business Partnering is a tool that will develop leaders and managers to deal with the most valued asset of all business, its people, in a loving & caring aswell as in a responsible manner that will ensure mutual trust and respect between leaders, managers and workers. We must ensure that leaders and managers must accept the notion that workers want the same as the business and the same deal as its managers, better remuneration and job security. It is therefore important that every business leader and its managers become the first line human capital supervisor that treat its people in thesame manner as they want to be treated by others...... Dignity & Respect. Accept the Human Capital Executive as a key person the are accepted as a key member of the Executive Board. The Human Capital Executive will have insight into  the strategies and business processes of the organisation. It will share its talents and expertise around human capital in a manner that will allow other business executives and managers to learn and adopt a human capital strategy that is realistic to its business processes as well as being more caring around worker needs. Look at it as an opportunity to develop labour relations skills and change for the better all our attitudes towards other colleagues regardless of where one fits in on the organogram of the Company.

In so far as government is concerned, get yourself out of even attempting to run the economy and leave it up to the economist and the business community to deliver on the economic and opportunity challenges that are available to the country and its people. Government must limit its business activities to creating an enabling environment in which business will operate with less stress on the future in building a strong economy that are people driven. We once more speak of productivity.

It is sad that the labour movement wants to play business partners and government and almost forget its responsibilities and obligations in representing the needs and the sustainable economic well-being of its members, the working class members. There is almost no one to assist and to support in the welfare of the people many of whom live in squallor conditions or in townships where life is stressful and the safety and security of the communities and in particular children are uncertain. It is a sad and a sick joke when we as custodians of education, training & development continue in making decent money, "Blood Money", when in reality much of the education, training and development that are supported by a weak political system does very little in supporting an acceptable level of productivity. Many of the workers are frustrated with the labour movement that is not making real impact on the lives of the working class people. Time is running out and the parties i.e. business, government and labour has dismally failed the people of the "Rainbow" Nation.

It is our right to speak when things are going wrong in our society, and it is necessary for the voices of the working class to be heard by business, government and labour. We all need to grow up. Our existence in this country is our destiny, so let us work for a common goal, united in our stand for great cultures, values, dignity and respect for all. We have many people that are capable in leading us to greater values, LOVE and success.




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