By moegsienharris1, 20 August, 2012

It is evident that the global economic, political and social world is in disarray and the collapse of the Capitalist Economics and greedy Governments are fast becoming a reality.

The Capitalistic and Oppressive reign of terror over humanity are being aggressively challenged by the masses throughout the world. People have witnessed thousands of children, women, fathers, brothers and sons being massacred by vicious governments who are controlled by greedy and wealthy people who run businesses, corporations, governments, criminal armies etc. Enough is Enough echoes the voices of Humanity.

We need to challenge the likes of the Americans, British, french, Germany, China, Japan and their connections with other smaller governments in wanting to control the natural resources of the world and in keeping humanity enslaved.

The need to be ALLAH/ GOD concious is a pre-requisite in challenging the oppressors in having second thoughts to their criminal plans.

Businesses, Corporations and individual Capitalists who have control with Mafias and Gang Leaders need to get the "hell" away from their activities and fall in line in serving all of our Creator, our Sustainer. Work with the People, for the People, by the People. Do not destroy the good moral fibres of the believers and serve only ALLAH / GOD. Economics is about humanity, resources and its proper and fair distribution.

Civil Society have to assist and support governments and businesses in the process of change and transformation. Do not be a follower, but rather a trustworthy Leader. Leadership is important now more than ever before as the world has delivered few leaders in the past hundred years. A Leader can only lead if it has the capacity to lead, and lead with the will of the people. If we do not highlight the above issues as relevant and factual then do your own research as our societies are collapsing precisely due to vicious governments and greedy business people.

Leaders and its talents in leadership need to be enhanced by our own trust and sincerity, commitment and actions. Our children and our families are being criminally abused by governments and greedy business people. We need to share the immense LOVE from our HEARTS for all of Humanity. Humanity is the Creation of ALLAH / GOD and we need to serve Him alone when we dispense LOVE from our HEARTS to all mankind, LOVE for the environment and LOVE for conservation. Leaders possess immense qualities and are ALLAH / GOD concious in their utterings and actions in bringing about compassion and justice. Economics is a foundation of society and applying Justice and fairness in the rule of law over people, the environment and in sharing with humanity. let us be concious Leaders of our responsibilities and remember that we serve One ALLAH / GOD and our actions are therefore accountable in regard to social justice and responsibilities.




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