By moegsienharris1, 7 August, 2012

Developing trust in yourself first is what will influence your family, colleagues and friends to see the beauty in developing their own trust.

Behaviour is one of the challenges that will change the general attitude of people at home, in community and at work. That trust that influence culture & behaviour change is what is part of your inner unknown values and attitude that can at times be far beyond our own understanding of leadership and management. We can all be leaders and work towards one common goal in creating the "Champions of Change".

An above average leader will acquire an understanding of human behaviour and understand what makes a person respond in a positive trust-worthy manner. A supporter or sponsor of a leader can also influence the attitude of a trustworthy leader without fear of contradiction.

it is as fact that different activities may motivate people in different ways. People differ in response to their own ability to do things willingly as well as their commitment to be involved in meeting the objective successfully. We work with diverse people from all walks of life and it is necessary that we develop our own inner trust behaviour in a ,manner where we can appreciate the diversity in our friends, colleagues and society as a whole.

We need to accept that we are all so different and therefore need to build impeccable trust in order for others to be influenced by your own inner trust. FDo not expect others to "willy nilly" be willing to accept your leadership unless you can prove to other of your impeccable trust in yourself. This stems from your honesty, love and integrity, and your ability to be seen as a good trust-worthy person.



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