By moegsienharris1, 5 March, 2013

I had the privilege of facilitating teaching of learners who are extremely alert and competent in Economics and Economic Management Sciences from Grade 8's to Grade 11's.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction to knowledge and wisdom as I found a young girl only known to me as Zartashia from Baloch, a country under occupation by Pakistan. The deeper understanding of cultures, values, leadership..... from international politics to conservation, eco-systems and then she so aptly responds to the economic dilemma of people communities and societies throughout the world.

Political and Economic oppression stems from the obsession of "Power over People" by the control in all sorts of economics. Zartashia takes me through the entire national and global debate and discussions, far ahead of those intellectuals that try to bog down our minds to think of wants rather than basic needs of society.

It is precisely what is happening in our training and development arena. Everyone on the "gravy train" making mega bucks out of misleading the blind on education justice. "The Blind Leading The Blind". We need competent young people to run the country and it is not happening. We really need economic power to the masses of black people. It is not happening, and deliberately so.

I appreciate the wisdom and talent of Zartashia for her insight to political and economic oppression....... I continue to learn so much from you..... THANK YOU.



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