By moegsienharris1, 10 February, 2013

Is it really true that skills development is addressing the needs of our ailing economy....................... when so many young people are unemployed, serious talks and discussions of retrenchments in the agri and mining sectors, and closure of mines.

What impact has this on our economy, our livelihood and the serious sorrowful ability to enhance the quality of life of the many economically disenfranchised. The people responsible for education need to focus on the critical shortage of skills as reflected in the National Human Resources Development Strategy (NHRDS). I have no problem in all of the excitement of trainers and educators to produce, buy and sell training material. Are we really focusing on the dire needs in stimulating the economy vs having the kind of supposedly competent workforce that are aligned to the NHRDS.

I have serious doubts that this is the case as the unemployed masses appear to be on the increase. Another sign of a dwindling economy are the inflationary figures that are negatively affecting the basic needs of the masses of people. Government and political office bearers appear to be unshaken in the catasthropic economic trend that appear to be lurking our nation, and it requires wisdom to prevail over the powers to be that must take sensible action in order to avoid further sliding down on our economy.

Educators, economist and the academia need to come out strongly in discussing and educating the political powers to show statesmanship and greater wisdom in addressing the atrocious state of the nation. These issues are real and it concerns every loving citizen of our democracy. We need more proactive members of our society that can help our country to avoid a national downturn in our socio political and economic position.

All government need to do is to facilitate and to create an enabling environment for social delivery to the people, an economic sound business society and stability in our labour force and in the conditions in which the labour force have to operate. Labour unions and labour organisations need to have a serious inward look, as the quality of representing the working class is in question. It appears that business and labour representatives are continuously fighting for control over the workers rather than finding amicable and sensible solutions to the many challenges around sound labour relations.

A greater emphasis and need for quality Leadership development for sectors of business, labour and government remain a priority. We lack leadership in all of these sectors of our society. We as training providers, human capital developers and educators need to be responsible for the growth in developing leadership. Withour efficient and effective leadership may lead to crippling the nation economically and reduce our people to something without a value system that we should rightly be proud of. Our country and nation is in a very unhealthy socio, economic and political position and we need to acknowledge that we have issues to discuss, debate and to find solutions that will enhance respect, trust and a better quality of life for all our people.



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