By moegsienharris1, 9 December, 2012

19 Years into our "Rainbow Nation" Democracy and we are really battling to get our competency levels in our people to a standard that can successfully drive our development as a " PEOPLE CENTRED DRIVEN" economy.

We are politically prostituting ourselves for the sake of power rather than accepting the commitment that we have made to our nation in building our democracy purely based on the Principles as defined in our National Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

our country is in the "Wilderness" as we are politically a casualty and an embarrassment to the rest of the African Continent. We definitely require a change and transformation in government. A government that are based on the Principles of Democracy as contained in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We can no longer call ourselves a democracy when the scenario at many of our mines remain unresolved. We can no longer call ourselves a democracy when our Minister of Finance cannot give us direction on how we can build a democratic financial system that supports "Nation Building", building a sound economic system that are supported by government and the people that it represents. We cannot support a government where the Governor of the Reserve Bank can no longer advise us on how to deal with inflation effectively in order that our economy can grow alongside a successful nation. Our local government sector remains in shambles and can hardly be rescued by its government.

To make matters worse is that the education system no longer speaks to competencies that are required in order to achieve adequate economic development. We will be saddled with greater challenges when our student leaders and young adults get a "Wake-Up" call and start to question why the Universities, university of Technologies, Further Education & Training Colleges, The formal School System are not addressing the challenges in getting our young people educated and competent in order to deal and to participate in the socio, political and economic challenges that are staring at our so called rediculed democracy.

Whilst I am of the view that all stakeholders need to be involved in the growth and development of our nation and our democracy, I am equally concerned with business and the trade union movement's intention in being trust-worthy partners in developing our people. Complete trust and faith are lost in these sectors as they are knowingly assisting and supporting a "very weak government" that are supposedly empowering our nation. The statistics after 19 years into our democracy is good enough reason for being concerned with the controlling 'Powers" in business, labour and government. Our youth comprise more than 50% of our nation and must be involved at this very moment in time to be guided and advised on the socio political and economic way forward.

It is necessary to re-iterate that we can continue to introduce new modules, subjects, learnerships into our curriculums, and develop thousands of new 'unit Standards" and "credits" to our qualifications, many of them never ever be used to academically and otherwise develop the learners and students in skills that will improve the lot of our economy, neither will it take the shackles off our many people who live in squallor conditions and in poverty.

South Africans need to seriously wake-up and advance the notion of Leadership Development in all sectors of our society. Freedom of Expression, Governance, Trust, Justice, Access to Education & Health facilities for All, are only but a few of the necessary requirements in order to build an acceptable Culture & Behaviour for South Africa and the African Continent. Education, Training & Development are essential in "Nation Building" but we require sincere, trustworthy and genuine leadership to take over the reigns from these useless good fopr nothing "Power Hungers", and this is an urgent wake-up call to all of us.

This nation is very seriously being victimised to operate within an econmic system that is dictated by oppressive forces from abroad supported by short-sighted members of government, busliness and the labour movement. The system is poised to dehumanise many of our poverty stricken sectors of our society. Universities, Universities of Technology, Religious Institutions and even some Non Governmental Institutions are party to this nostalgic phenomena and this is a serious indictment as to where our nation is heading.

"Grow Up And Smell The Coffee".







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