By moegsienharris1, 16 October, 2012

Just a few major national strikes have the economy on the verge of collapse and this is all because of the immaturity of the human resources and human capital divisions. We are not trained executives and it is all our fault.

When are we going to concede that we are highly paid administrators that seek opportunities to hand to our staff pills when they feel unwell and heaven-for-bid concern ourselves with "accredited training material" and "quality assurance matters" when in-fact we should be facilitating an harmonious economic process between employer and employee who both seek  a better profit for their pockets.

The answer clearly is for HR Executives to transform itself into Strategic HR Business Partners. It only means that leaders and managers are also employees and have a responsibility to both employees and employers. Strategic HR Business Partnering is precisely an opportunity for real change and transformation to take place and with immediate effect. This "STRIKE" dilemma that we are now experiencing is a result of poorly managed human capital. We all agree and even reflect it in our vision and mission statements that "People" is our greatest asset. Then why do we not look after our valuabvle asset?

Is it really honest of us to say that we did not foresee this terrible "Strikes" hitting us like a tsunami? If we really educated all of us in knowing our business strategies and processes, why do we not as HR Managers, Trainers, name it what you like blame ourselves for misleading the gravy trains from both the employee and employer.

Well, enough is enough we need to come out strongly in favour of developing a culture and recognition from board members that Strategic HR Business Partering is at least an answer for the economy to move forward. Strategic HR Business Partners sit on the Board and influence decisions taken rather than taking instructions from the Board. Strategic HR Business Partners develop the tools for line managers to be tasked to deal with issues affecting their employees in their respective divisions. Strategic HR Business Partners advise and influence the Board in taking decisions and action that is seen as ameanable to both employers and employees. More transparency and openess in dealing with employment and financial matters will bring relief to the working class and will hold managers responsible and accountable to look after the most valuable asset "PEOPLE" and ensure reasonable profits for the shareholders.

I would like to speak at length about our role as Strategic HR Business Partners but I believe that I am leaving sufficient food for thought. I have adopted the notion of Strategic HR Business Partnering in my personal Vision and Mission. I hope that you may ponder about your personal attitude, change and transformation from glorified clerk to a Strategic HR Business Partner in your organisation.



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