By franklerothodi…, 6 April, 2009

Hi every one Iam very much thrilled by this new will create an equal opportunity for all of us.

I am an experienced ETQA practioner who previously worked for the ETDPSETA as a verifier of learner achievements for all skills proagrammes and qualifications accredited by the ETDP.Working with various providers accros the country was an eye opener for me, as I have realised that a lot needs to be done to capacitate providers with regard to assessments, moderations, uploading of learner records into the SAQA NLRD,etc.

With my experience as a cordinator for assessors and moderators registration for the ETDP, it transpired that most of them are not aware of what their actual role is within training and development.

Anyway this initiative will hopefully have a positive impact in improving the standard tarining.

Looking forward to sustainable and developmental relation with you all.



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