Coaching Individuals and Teams in Successful Change Interventions Part 5/7

By hughallentimm, 13 May, 2016

Communicating Change

Managers seldom obtain expected effects when they communicate strategic change to employees. Even if managers are receptive at meetings, and understand values, vision, and mission, this process is not efficient with employees. With employees, you need to communicate facts, and to present value through action, not through words.

In our combative, unionised working environment, it can be expected that nearly half of all employees believe that management cheats and lies. In their minds listening to management talking about values triggers thoughts of deception and fraud. Employees adhere to values only if they are convinced that those values will enable them to reach their personal goals.

Groundless rumours can undermine chances of success, so it is important to choose appropriate media and to begin to communicate at an early stage in the change process to avoid misunderstandings.


Coaches must be able to work with a wide range of issues, from strategy and marketing through to dealing with challenging interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution in order to assist with improving this process of communication.


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