Coaching Individuals and Teams in Successful Change Interventions Part 1/7

By hughallentimm, 9 May, 2016

 “organisations don’t change; people change and then they change the organisation”.


Change in a Business Environment


Whatever a business is experiencing, whether it is actively extending its product range, improving customer service, re-aligning business focus, making acquisitions, or simply adopting a small step improvement approach to changes in its operations, a formal structured change management approach is essential within the business.


Unfortunately, when change is not looked at holistically or managed in a homogeneous manner a business will be unable to maximise competitive advantage, reduce risk or improve performance.


A business able to recognise that “change” is a continuous process which needs to be linked to business strategy, can move toward the creation of an effective model for the management of sustainable change to improve, grow and transform the business.


Past experience shows that that when organisations fail to reach their full potential it is not due to poor strategy, but through poor execution of change. Surveys indicate that seven out of ten change projects don’t achieve the desired outcomes and benefits, or are an outright failure.


Even with the significant number of documented examples of project failures in recent times, projects still fail to deliver the planned benefits of time, cost and quality.


Coaching in a business environment represents a just-in-time, cost effective development option that is also geared to strategic objectives. It is a practical, on-the-job, results oriented and time limited form of learning that may be used to enhance or improve performance, prevent derailment and implement organisational change.


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