Christmas Reflections

By dessquire, 20 December, 2012

 A time for giving, receiving and sharing

A time for reflection on all that has passed

A time to ponder, maybe just wonder

What might have been different, what could have changed?

 Reflect now and think - not of yourself

Of those in your life, you love even hate

Think of the good, forget all the bad

Forget all the hurt others have caused

Look at the good that surrounds you each day

Look for the good in all those you meet

Consider your faults, not those of others

Change places with them and see how you feel?

Tolerate all, God made us equal

Don’t set yourself above all the rest

Look upon all, as brothers and sisters

Love them as such and show them that love

Share what you have with those who have needs

Learn how to give - forget your own greed

Give of yourself if that’s all you have

But give from the heart - hold nothing back

Christmas will come and soon will be gone

Reflection will happen as the year nears its end

Make a decision before this transpires

To make amends as your conscience dictates

Ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged

Show love to all who come into you life

Bear no one grudges and carry no hate

Become like the Christ Child, innocent, pure

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Love

A spirit of giving, receiving and sharing

Let’s all reflect on the meaning now lost

Of what Christmas was and what it’s become


© Des Squire

Christmas 2012

[email protected]



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