Choosing the best domain name

By chantelharris, 14 July, 2016

When considering a domain name, you need to keep in mind that it holds the same significance as a company name. A lot of thought and consideration is required for the perfect domain name. On the web, your domain name becomes your identity, it’s the link that connects you to other users. The name you choose should suit your business, be easy to find and easily promotable.

Easy to type

Many factors lead to online success and one of them include a name that is easy to type. Don’t use slang in your domain name, as this may confuse the person trying to search for your website. Avoid using letters such as “U” instead of “You” or words that have multiple spellings such as “express” and “xpress”.

Avoid the use of numbers and hyphens. This can cause great confusion and can often be misunderstood when people hear the website address. They won’t know whether they should use a numeral (7) or if it’s spelled out (seven). In most cases they may also forget about the dash or misplace it.

Choose an appropriate domain extention

The extension you choose adds to the description of your business:  

  • .me: This is for personal blogs, resumes or personal websites.

  • .info: Informational websites.

  • .co:  An abbreviation for commerce, company and community.

  • .biz: Preferably business or commercial use, like e-commerce websites.

  • .org: Non-commercial organisations and nonprofits.

  • .net: Technical, internet infrastructure sites.

Make use of keywords

Use words that describe the line of work you do or the services you offer. Providing a clear description in the name gives the user a better chance to remember it and make a clear association with your business. If you have a glass repair business, opt for a name such as Preferably use keywords people use when searching for your business. This will improve your rank on search engines and ultimately increases traffic to your site.

Research the name you want

Be very careful that you’ve not chosen a name that has already been trademarked or copyrighted by another company. This could result in a legal battle that could cost you a fortune as well as the loss of your domain. Networks which host in South Africa or any of our neighbouring countries do a thorough search of domain names that aren’t already in use. Whoever registered first, has the rights to the name unless you can buy their name from them.



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