Change your paradigms, change your world!

By liamarus, 13 August, 2013

Dr Wayne Dyer is famous for his quote: “When you change the way you see the world, the world you see will change.” How profound this statement is. Thing is, most people after attending a personal development seminar (or many seminars for that matter), desire the positive mental change which they heard about. However, they are not always sure how practically to create this lasting mental change. They’ve heard about changing non-serving subconscious paradigms, but the question all of them have is: “How can I do this?”

Let’s start right at the beginning with understanding exactly what a paradigm is:

  • Your thoughts create your emotions and feelings.
  • These in turn create your behaviours and your behaviours cause your actions which give you your results.

Given this, the key question to ask yourself is: “What causes my thinking?” The answer is:
Your programming:

  • The way you think and the way you perceive absolutely everything around you is a direct result of the way you were programmed from when you were a small child.
  • This subconscious programming, this collection of habits, constitutes a paradigm and your paradigms are what cause your habitual behaviour, giving you the same potentially undesired result over and over again, even though you so wanted a different one. 
  • To change your non-serving paradigms, you need to re-programme your subconscious mind.

Follow these 7 steps to re-programme you subconscious mind

1.    Think of any situation where you’re not getting the results you desire. In as much detail as possible, describe this situation in writing. Yes, you have to take pen and paper and write - not type – because as writing stimulates thinking, this is a crucial way to start this wonderful paradigm-busting process.

2.    Now, in as much detail as possible, describe the same situation, but in the way you truly want it to be. Clearly write this description in the present tense.

3.    Take time and review all the results you’ve described above. Using a highlighter, mark all the actions you wrote about in both your descriptions. Now divide these highlighted actions into two categories: non-constructive actions (NCAs) and constructive actions (CAs). It goes without saying that your desire has to be to change all your NCAs in to CAs. If it isn’t, you’re going to stay exactly where you are right now, doing the exactly same things, getting exactly the same results and wishing your life was different.

4.    Having identified all your NCAs, you need to expand on these in detail:

  • Take one NCA at a time and write about it.
  • As you do this, identify what its exact opposite CA is. 
  • Then write about how you will practically (yes, this requires you to take definite action) go about replacing the old NCA with the new CA.

5.    When you’re done with this exercise, quieten your mind. Go over every single change which you have listed as something for you to implement right away. Ask yourself the question: “If I turn all my NCAs in to CAs, will I get the results I want?” If the answer from inside you is a resounding “yes!”, then you’ve hit the bulls-eye. If not, rework it, writing all the time. Use the 3R process - review, rethink, rewrite - and do this again and again until the image of success which you desire is crystal clear, so much so that it really excites, ignites and inspires you. Never underestimate the power of writing as writing stimulates thinking and that’s exactly what this exercise, and the various iterations of it which you will go through, is doing for you. It’s opening up new lines of thinking which are helping you build new, vastly improved, life strategies.

6.    Importantly, you have to persist with this simple paradigm-busting process. Yes, you might find it challenging at first and if you do, we’re just too delighted as this means your mind is being forced open and into new thought processes. Celebrate this! Don’t quit now. Never ever give up! Stick with it. Persist! Persist! As you delve deep inside yourself to where all the perfect answers to all your challenges lie, the actions, which you have to take to create success, joy, happiness, wealth, peace and riches will become clear. As these do, you will feel an inner power welling up inside you; a power you never knew was there before. That’s when your world will really begin to change in quantum leaps. Why? Because you’re actively changing the way you see the world and importantly, you’re doing this on the inside.

7.    Finally, there is no such thing in this beautiful universe of ours as something for nothing. So, once all is clear, be decisive and take constant action. Indecision causes disintegration so be decisive. Action brings about results, so keep taking action – do the work and rejoice as you do!

To your great success and all those results you’ve so desired yet not known how to achieve.

by Chris and Suzanne Styles

This article first appeared on HR Pulse.



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