Chain Re-Action: Process Review and Redesign has never been this interactive, fun or effective before!

By triciajones, 1 August, 2011

Re-Action© is a unique, interactive approach to identifying existing processes, systems, service chains etc and then visualising where you aspire to being as an organisation. Chain Re-Action© makes your challenges come alive and engages colleagues in making a difference.


The days of process mapping in the traditional way and walls covered with brown paper and Post-It notes are dead!


What is Chain Re-Action©?


Making use of a new specially designed tool, Chain Re-Action©, engages with colleagues at all levels in an organisation.


It brings together colleagues to review a specific aspect of the organisation where improvement is required or to even critique at a higher level the organisations strategy.


Using specially designed proprietary tools and techniques the facilitators will assist you in visualising the real issues and help contextualise the impact these are having on the chosen subject matter. The process then creates a “Blue Sky” vision of the ideal process, system, service chain etc again using visual tools to capture the desired change.


This is a highly interactive exercise engaging with colleagues from Executive level through to New Starter and can even include third parties such as suppliers or key stakeholders.


When to use Chain Re-Action©?


This tool and technique has a vast range of applications in the business world as it can be applied to any aspect of an operation where it is perceived improvement or change might be required.


How is Chain Re-Action© Used?


Ideally each 2 Day session should be attended by between 8 and 12 colleagues from the same Division/Team represented by a mixture of senior and junior employees.


In large organisations the session can be attended by up to 4 different business areas allowing for even greater interaction and sharing of ideas and experience.


For more information on Chain Re-Action© or any of our other exciting products, please contact:


Tricia Jones

The Capacity Builder

011 024 2996

082 566 1351

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