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By globalbusiness, 3 July, 2023
Employees who wish to access the revised parental leave benefits of 10 days per annum paid by the Unemployment Insurance Fund will be able to do so with full rights under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) as of 1 January 2020. This was contained in Gazette 42925 which was published on 23 December 2019. 
By chantelharris, 1 July, 2023

Many people think that being a good leader comes from an innate ability. Conversely, others think that anyone can be a leader as long as they have enough experience in the line of work their team is concerned with. Neither of these ideas are accurate. 

By sylviahammond, 28 September, 2021

Today was the launch of the 5th National Skills Conference - a hybrid online & in person conference. Minister Blade Nzimande gave the Keynote speech - full of very interesting content - all worth spending our time on. So, I have copied the entire speech - from the website

By alanhammond, 14 March, 2020

With the arrival of Coronavirus in South Africa immediate action is needed to try to control the outbreak and to slow the speed of infection in the country. In the business world is vital for the continued operation of businesses that policies are put in place immediately. The SA government might think its okay to announce in the middle of the week that they'll have a special meeting on Sunday afternoon but businesses need to move much more quickly than that.

By sylviahammond, 6 March, 2020

The Joe Samuels Tribute Evening Lecture The NQF – for what? Joe identifies three areas of rapid change, each constituting overall challenges in themselves: climate change, African continental developments, and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Against these challenges and context, the question is: the NQF – for what? Sitting in Cape Town, the first challenge is very well understood – the effects of climate change.

By dessquire, 17 February, 2020


There were in excess of 3400 school children - between the ages of 10 and 14 who gave birth to babies during the course of 2019.

What can be done in South Africa to stop this horrific situation???