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The law requires that designated employers must submit a report of how representative their companies are (across all jobs in the organisation) regarding race, gender and disability. (A designated employer employs more than 50 staff members. If a company does not have this staff complement, but their annual turnover is […]

Amendments to Employment Equity Reporting Look To Equalise Remuneration Practices

Written by Dr. Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil According to the positivist paradigm, true knowledge is based on experience of the senses and can be obtained by observation, and by conducting experiments, control, measurement, to achieve reliability and validity. Positivism, therefore, strives for objectivity, measurability, predictability, controllability, patterning, […]

Research Article 17: Positivism

Written by Dr. Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil  Phenomenology is a philosophy that believes that individual behaviour is the product of a person’s experience through direct interaction with phenomena. An objective external reality is believed not to have any effect on behaviour. Social reality is believed to have […]

Research Article 16: Phenomenology

Written by Dr. Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil Neoliberalism is a description of the dominant mode of conducting political and economic organisation in a global world, which obviously would also be the field in which research is conducted. It also has an impact on other elements of the […]

Research Article 15: Neoliberalism

John Botha: COO of Global Business Solutions The World Health Organisation estimates that around 300 million people across the globe suffer from depression. This has become the leading cause of disability worldwide. While there are effective treatments for depression, anxiety, emptiness, a lack of energy and hopelessness all of these […]

Depression at work: How to deal with this

Written by Dr. Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil  Modernism evolved over a period of approximately 400 years from a philosophy based on the interpretation of the mythical to a paradigm based on logic. Generally speaking, it is a movement towards articulating traditional beliefs and practices with modern ideas […]

Research Article 14: Modernism