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Written by Dr Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil Biological organisms have systems that perform various specialist and survival functions; similarly, social institutions “function” in a systematic and coherent way through their constituent elements to ensure their survival and optimal functioning. Role differentiation and social solidarity are key elements […]

Research Article 10: Functionalism

Written by Dr. Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil   Feminism is grounded in feminist values and beliefs. Philosophically speaking feminism is the movement for the political, social, and educational equality of women with men. The ontology of feminism is that there is a ‘reality’ that has been created […]

Research Article 9: Feminism

Written by Dr Hannes Nel, MBL; D. Com; D. Phil ‘Ethnomethodology’ deals with the world of everyday life and issues related to social order by combining experiencing phenomena with sense experience. According to ethnomethodologists, theoretical concerns centre on the process by which common sense reality is constructed in everyday face-to-face […]

Research Article 8: Ethnomethodology

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