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Much is being said about the impact Covid-19 has had on our economy and on the livelihood of so many people. People unfortunately have died, jobs are being lost, companies are restructuring and closing, employees are being retrenched and many workers are unsure as to what the future holds in […]

A company’s assets is its people

  The Joe Samuels Tribute Evening Lecture The NQF – for what? Joe identifies three areas of rapid change, each constituting overall challenges in themselves: climate change, African continental developments, and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Against these challenges and context, the question is: the NQF – for what? Sitting in […]

The NQF – a site of struggle in challenging times

JET Education Services have posted the following invitation for qualifications experts “Attention to all expert professionals!! Invitation to register on database of experts to validate qualifications for registration on the Botswana National Credit and Qualifications Framework (NCQF). Deadline for Submissions has been extended to: 14 February 2020. To apply please […]

JET Education Services invitation to experts to register on database