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I write this verse to say to all All women who might read That you are loved and treasured Despite what you might feel We sometimes fail to let you know How proud we are of you We treat you like you don’t exist We fail to recognise We take […]

National Woman’s day 2017

We use simple yet, practical ways in implementing various procedures/processes/techniques to make your administration nightmares something of the past. Implementing Quality Assurance in the ETD Environment (getting back the basics in your administration and streamlining the way we work), simplifying your processes and procedures, building relationships with SETA/QCTO/DHET. Monitor and […]

Assisting Skills Development Providers in South Africa with DHET application ...

All workplace stakeholders need to be consulted before EE plans are submitted to Department of Labour The Department of Labour has implored that all internal stakeholders needed to be consulted before employment equity (EE) plans were submitted to the department. In his address during the workshop, Department of Labour EE […]

Labour on submission of employment equity plans

Spotlight on Department of Labour campaign to strengthen employment equity implementation and compliance mechanisms turns to KwaZulu-Natal The next in a series of Department of Labour workshops to cement employment equity (EE) compliance in the workplaces will be held in KwaZulu-Natal. On 1 August a workshop will be held at the Premier […]

Labour hosts employment equity compliance workshops

It would appear that many of those providers who applied for registration with DHET and received evaluation reports dated before 19 June 2017, are not aware that the Registrar has suggested that the applications be re-evaluated according to the new criteria. This request has to be submitted by the provider […]


Gender transformation and gender equity is still problematic in South Africa. To the best of my knowledge the Gender Equity Bill missed its deadline in 2015 and nothing much has happened since then (correct me if I am mistaken please). The EE Act does assist in the area of Gender […]

Gender transformation in the workplace