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Skills Development Providers and practitioners have now had the time to read and digest the content - and importantly the implications of the content - following publication of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) Directive setting out the process for the pre-2009 (legacy) qualification transition to occupational qualification format.



The Department of Higher Education and Training has finally gazetted the long-anticipated Directive confirming the transitional arrangements for pre-2009 qualifications to be replaced by qualifications in the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) occupational qualification format. Please see the document attached.  

nqf subframeworksThe South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has published an amended Policy for Evaluating Foreign Qualifications within the South African NQF (National Qualifications Framework). This 2024 policy amends and replaces the previous Policy and Criteria for Evaluating Foreign Qualifications within the South African NQF published in 2017. 

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has invited comments on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Implementation Framework for the Post-school Education and Training (PSET) system.

Please see attached document for comments to be emailed to Mr. Ditupa Fothane at [email protected] 

by no later than 12h00 on Saturday, 22 June 2024.

Although South Africa has many excellent universities and a wide range of courses on offer, there is still an allure to study overseas for many young people. For those who can afford it the universities of the UK will be very happy to consider students with a Matric for many courses. For some degrees a bridging course may be needed, but for many others an SA Matric is enough to get entry into a degree.

Do you need a financial advisor?

The profession of financial planning is relatively new, the average pensioner will tell you that in their youth financial planning was not even a recognisable term. 

During and after the Second World War the depression made it virtually impossible for most people to make ends meet, let alone have surplus money to invest. Access to financial advisors was the domain of the super rich.

LSSA and SASSETA Opportunity for candidate legal practitioners - Candidacy programme

Closing date extended to 7 June 2024

The Law Society of South Africa and SASSETA are offering an opportunity for candidates to partake in a Work Integrated Learning Programme (12 months – Candidacy programme). This programme is aimed at candidates that have completed their Practical Vocational Training that reduced their candidacy to 12 months (as per the Legal Practice Act, regulation 6(1)b). 

People are researching you. All kinds of people use all kinds of ways to learn about you. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to control what they discover about your strengths and, more important, about your brand. Who are these people? People you know. People who want to know you. People who matter: Your prospects, employees,prospective employers, managers, clients, board members etc. They all use LinkedIn to learn about others.

Z83 form

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) announced that job applicants are no longer required to submit certified copies of their educational qualifications and other relevant documents on their applications. 

This will cut the price of looking for a job when applying to work for the state. 

welcing TT

QCTO conversion of Legacy Skills Programmes into Occupational Skills Programmes


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