Can Mxit be used for learning purposes

By bronwynnewman, 12 November, 2012

Can Mxit be used for learning purposes.


Like every teenager Mxit is one of the first downloads my son had placed on his phone, following Facebook and Twitter.


My fear is the social pressure these social media platforms has on our kids. I personally found it extremely overwhelming when I joined Facebook and Twitter and then Linkedin came along.


Does every social plugin need parental rules and regulations?


I had to ban the phone and block the pc from 11pm, there is just no control on when the teenagers actually go to sleep.


I decided to have a look at Mxit and  conclude for  myself if this application is healthy and useful. Inviting family, was my first task and then going through the various tabs and functions, that is offered. This was useful for my voting on Idols.


The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that you could learn your K-53 on mxit, I thought wow, this is so great.


How can we introduce more learning products on mxit? Is it possible? Or is it available and I just don’t know about?

I know for a fact i would have my son make use of learning material through Mxit.



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