Can computer software replace the job of an HR?

By chantelharris, 13 July, 2015

The aim of computer software is to make the task of a human resource manager easier. However, the way in which the HR utilises and executes a task is up to them. Modern technology has advanced throughout the years, and the fear we should all have is; will machine take away my job? The answer is, not quite -especially not if you are the HR of a major company. Human interaction is still required in all aspects of keeping employees happy. Human Resource Software may help track employee attendance, manage payroll accuracy and manage employee vacation time, but it can’t replace the person.

The software

The HR software can provide great solutions and speed up processes, but often those solutions rely on designated software programs that could be costly. This often leads to a difficult implementation options. Management needs to know exactly which functions will be needed to critically decide if such a program is required or optional. Not all software are the same, so creating a list full of functions will carefully help decide which package most likely suits the needs of the company.

“Knowing the extent of the organization’s requirements is the first step in making sure that project management software is a good fit, followed by a careful evaluation of whether there are more benefits than drawbacks to incorporating project management software on a project by project basis,” says Julian Hooks a content specialist for US News University Connection.

Unnecessary complications or not?

Simple projects can become complicated and may not need project management software. Some would say that all you need are the basics of human resource management courses.  If the program is inaptly used it can complicate the system you already have set in place. Many organisations rely on the software, but they become so accustom to it that the program start unnecessarily complicating matters. 

An HR has a simple management process that they follow and sometimes keeping track of an entire block of employees can be daunting. That’s why having software in place to help human resource managers, may at all not be a bad idea. However, the software does have its disadvantages also. In the case where automated alerts are set up, the HR may spend more time on it, than actually executing the task. These alerts may be helpful, but they often have many unnecessary inputs that first need to be situated before it can set up the alert.

There still needs to be some sort of human interaction to delegate, adjust schedules and keep employee as well as company needs on track. Is the human better than the software? Of course, but the program cannot replace the person that delegate the tasks. Instead, HR managers can use the program to their benefit.



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