Calling all Services SETA Registered Employers and Accredited Training Providers

By bronwynnewman, 21 October, 2009

The Services SETA invites you to attend the national SSICTO (SSETA Industry Council for Trades and Occupations) Roadshow for information sharing sessions on the changing skills development landscape and the developments within the Services SETA related to this change.

The following areas will be addressed:

- New Skills Development Landscape
- Mapping Organisation Structures to the Organising

Framework of Occupations

- Implications of new skills development scenario for providers

The Speakers for this information sharing session experience include:

Lerato Bogoshi (Mophiring): SSICTO Manager

Jurie van Zyl: Human Capital Development Specialist

For more information and to RSVP please contact our regional offices:

Customer Care Hotline: 0861 10 11 48

[email protected]



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