Call for young ETD Practitioners

By andilenconjane, 29 September, 2011

To all ETD practitioners i think its high time i put whats bothering me  for discussion. The fisrt question to all is whyere are the young one's in the ETD field, it seems we are destroying the future of our own field as theres a shortage of young ETD practioners currently. If we want to change skills development framework in south africa lets prepare ourselves for the coming battle by ensuring that we protect the master seed which is the youth to join the field and by doing so, we are building a better future. Let the journey begin by calling the young people to our beloved field.

To date the youngest ETD practitioner is 23 years and the ratio is 1/10 of the youth in the field. My greatest plea to folks such as "Des squere,Susan,Mark the list is endless should nurture the young minds so that we help South Africa.



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