Call for Papers ILERA (formerly IIRA) World Congress

By sylviahammond, 26 May, 2011


Call for Papers

16th ILERA (formerly IIRA) World Congress
Philadelphia, USA
2-5 July 2012

We invite you to submit an abstract for consideration as a refereed paper to be presented at the World Congress in Philadelphia.

Papers at the Congress will be presented in the following five tracks:
Track 1: Trans-national Movement of Labour & Growing Diversity in the Workforce
Track 2: Labour and Social Movements Responding to Globalization
Track 3: Emerging Orders of Production and Skill Development in a Global Economy
Track 4: Raising the Floor for Rights at Work in a Globalizing Economy
Track 5: Income and Employment through the Life Course Deadline for submission.

For a description of each track, with examples of themes covered by that topic, go to

Submission of the abstract is done online, in Word.
Maximum length of abstract is 1000 words.

Deadline for submission is 17 June 2011

For further information, see

Geneva, 23 May 2011



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