By wilmadevilliers, 29 July, 2012

I attended an international early childhood development conference two weeks ago.  Some of the discussions were around children’s aggressive behaviour.

A lecturer from a university said that they while they were doing research in a school, they asked the grade 1 scholars to make their own class rules.  The first rule that the girls made was that the boys should not be allowed to rape them during break.  At that age I did not even know of the existence of the word rape, but for these young children it is a part of their everyday lives.

I read about a school, Tygersig Primary School in Mitchells Plain, that decided to tackle bullying.  They implemented a positive behavior programme.  As a part of the programme they were being educated in upholding good relationships. 

On 4 May 2012 they had an anti-bullying day. They integrated the bullying topic into the school’s literacy programme.  Each learner received a text to read and they had to do a comprehension test.  Children were also involved in a survey that will assist the teachers to implement programmes more effectively.

It is initiatives like this one that can change our world and contribute to the development of positive moral values.