Build up towards Jobs for Youth Summit

By bronwynnewman, 8 February, 2012


To : All Member Organization’s

From : South African Youth Council

Date : 7 February 2012
Subject: Build up towards Jobs for Youth Summit

Fraternal Greetings

In 2011 collectively we embarked on a JOBS FOR YOUTH campaign to mainly highlight the scourge of unemployment which affect the nation as a whole, amongst the demands was an urgent call for a summit of a different kind which will look at how best we can collectively address the conundrum. Subsequent to that we convened a series of meetings which inter-alia include the MEC of Economic Development and his HOD and the Executive Director of Cape Chamber of Commerce paying particular attention on the issues raised in the memorandum.

We gladly wish to inform you that in principle have agreed on a myriad of issues but spent lengthy time discussing the summit as we envisage it not to be a talk show hence we want to close all loose ends, as a product of those discussions we have resolved to convene all Youth organization’s wherein it is expected that we will speak with a collective voice as we move towards the summit, this communiqué serves to formally invite your organization to a meeting scheduled as follows:

Date : 10 February 2012

Venue: Cape Chamber of Commerce conference center

Time : 14h45

We expect member organization’s to be punctual as we only have been allocated one hour to be at the venue, also note that the meeting is purely for the JOBS FOR YOUTH those who have other issues are requested to follow proper procedures.

NB. Organization’s MUST send 2 representatives which are representative in terms of race, gender and or disability.

Interested Regional Based Youth Groups send to: [email protected]


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