By chantelharris, 8 June, 2016

The HR department may seem like the office employees would want to avoid at all costs. However, this is the department that not only enforces policies, they are also there to look out for employees. They are the sheriffs of all companies and have many tasks they need to deal with.

Ensure training and compliance

Training provided by the company is an important aspect of employee development which ensures the company receives the best skills from their employees. Although employees should bear some responsibility for personal career advancement, HR can ensure that the company assists with this process.

In cases where in-house training takes place, the HR team will oversee the course attendance, assess workforce skills and regulate compliance from employees. They will ensure every employee has received their full induction training, as well as employees who have completed relevant courses for a new position. This can be in a case where an employee moves from one position to another. For instance, the company secretary applying for bookkeeping courses to become the new personal assistant to the accountant's department. The HR department is there to guide and assist employees with details of training and help answer all questions employees may have.

Ensure health and safety checks

The company does not necessarily need to acquire health information from their employees. But in cases where the health of an employee may impact their work, the company has every right to know about it. The HR department deals with any health and safety issues that may arise. This can be anything from injury on duty or employee medical issues such as an employee who often experiences seizures.

Disciplinary action

Disciplinary issues are one of the aspects of the job for any HR representative. The HR team is trained to deal with any work related disputes amongst employees as well as follow the company policy regarding a disciplinary process. To ensure that the process is fair and above board, the HR department will thoroughly investigate any issue that may arise. They will need to obtain statements, records or any other supporting evidence that is a clear indication of misconduct. This is to ensure that all processed are above board.



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