Ute Gass

At Earth.org we have no office! Our team members are placed all over the globe. We work from the beach or in the mountains, in cities or at the countryside, at home with kids or whilst traveling. Earth.org is a collaboratively written travel guide (with a non-profit approach). If you […]

Professional Travel Guide writers needed

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), companies should: – Align human resources, PR and marketing, and be clear on core organisational values – Find ways to connect with the passive job seeker – Broker and make use of peer-to-peer relationships – Use web 2.0 technologies (blogs, […]

What is the Future of E-Recruitment?

This was the subject of this week’s Business Pulse survey. We wanted to know which platform would be the choice for businesses at this point next year. The results broke down as follows: LinkedIn — 39 percent Facebook — 26 percent Twitter — 19 percent Other — 12 percent MySpace […]

Business Pulse Survey