Pearl Jenny Seigel

7 Reasons to Smile … 1.       A smile is Mahala 2.       A smile is often returned 3.       A smile boosts your immune system and helps you de-stress 4.       A smile makes others remember you as a positive person 5.       A smile signals your brain to release endorphins 6.       A smile […]

7 Reasons to Smile …

  Do you have Glossophobia?   Sounds really serious? Are you gobsmacked that I should even ask? Before reaching for the dentists number let’s look at what Wikipedia has to say!   Wikipedia defines Glossophobia as: Fear of public speaking Speech anxiety Stage fright   Wikipedia defines gobsmacked as: Astonished […]

Do you have Glossophobia?

The internet provides as an easy to use platform. The prolific development of online businesses and social media hasresulted in so many business networking opportunities. With so many business networks, local, national and global, is it really hard to choose. Some are only virtual and some include face to face […]

Is Your “NET” Working?

In a world where achievement is highly rated, how do individuals and businesses manage to stay motivated on their pathways to success?   My 6 steps to setting goals have been used successfully by many entrepreneurs and businesses.   Why is goal setting important? Without setting goals we tend to lack […]

6 Steps to Setting Goals