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Head of Marketing & Communications Business Doctors South Africa

When compiling a written warning or notification to attend a disciplinary it is extremely important that the charges are correctly formulated.  Theft is a prime example: to charge the employee with “theft” is not sufficient and additional charges must be incorporated.  The reason we address other things relating to the […]

Written Warnings and Dismissals

It is important that the status of an employee be established from the beginning of the employment relationship – permanent, fixed term, temporary, and so on. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act, in section 29, provides for certain written particulars of employment to be provided as a minimum, and every […]

How Important is a Contract!

South Africans were shocked after the tragic fatal Pinetown crash that claimed 23 lives so far. The truck driver has been arrested and faces several counts of criminal charges.  We know that the driver of the truck is not the owner of the truck and in fact he is an […]