Natasha Bovill

Ensuring the wellbeing of your staff is imperative for their optimum performance and ultimately the success of your business. For this reason, Compuscan Academy has put together an all-encompassing 3 day programme covering various aspects of employee health and wellness. Covering time management, communications skills, money management, basic employment relations […]

Employee Wellness and Advancement Programme

Last year Compuscan Academy hosted free Money Management Workshops for over 100 individuals in communities across South Africa. This year, however, we are asking you to help us reach even more communities in need by nominating a community that you believe will benefit from the financial insight provided during these […]

Empower a Community Today

If your answer is no to the above question I suggest you read on to see what working for one of South Africa’s leading credit bureaus could offer you. It may seem unlikely that a sales executive, data administrator, Java developer, training officer, course developer and marketing specialist could all […]

Considered a Career at a Credit Bureau?

Workplace conflict is unavoidable and can be a time-consuming and costly problem if it is not managed correctly. Despite this, many managers lack the ability to confront conflict and manage employee relationships in their organisations. When broaching the subject of workplace conflict it is important to remember that conflict never […]

How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace