Miro Bagrov

Many of us these days are either semi self employed or fully self employed. In any case, decision making in business (ours or someone else’s) has lost it’s focus. Much research was once directed at how decisions should be made. The models for decision making often started with “Identify (something […]

Making Decisions

There is a person in every building and sometimes on every floor, who are always at work before you and always there after you. They are the best: they miss lunch to get more work done. They tell you stories of how they stayed up all night to fix a […]

Sleep your Way to the Top.

Sincerity can be defined as the act of expressing the truth about our thoughts and feelings, free of lies and double mindedness. It comes in many forms, one of which is honesty. If the sincerity of your words is questionable, then nothing you say will be trusted. By saying what […]

About Sincerity

I have studied the financial disciplines and have also seen the chaos of ’95 in South Africa and what that caused. I have seen who profited and who lost from it. Also trained in banking and understand clearly how the system works, who it profits and who it costs. I […]

Justification Against Debt