Leanne Charles

Did you know: The overall success of a person in business today is attributed to the following: KNOWLEDGE 10%, PERFORMANCE 30%, IMAGE: 60% CCI has designed a 3 day workshop to enable you to send out a powerful message by presenting with confidence. Participants will be involved in practical hands on exercises, […]

Presenting with Confidence

Ever since the movie the Matrix, I have been waiting for the app that can be plugged into my brain so that I can upload any skill.  I’m sure there is a 14 year old, somewhere in the world, busy working on that.  Until then I will acquire my knowledge […]

Asking the write questions

I choose to make every day I have fun. That is why I make every facilitation that I conduct fun for both the learner and myself. As a previous Services SETA chamber manager and Department of Labour official, I know ETQA rules and requirements, and always comply with policy. Often […]

Choose a fun facilitator